FULMF’S : JC Seals III with the New Rap

I have been doing music professionally for about 10 years now maybe longer I often lose count. But when I think back on it there are three stages that bring us to this point today. The is the before tour stage, this is when the Its Just Rap Series was created up the way until Its Just Rap Stilll. Then there is the tour stage, which until my next venture has been the closest I have been to being a full time rapper. I loved every second of The Get Money Stop Hatin Tour and I encourage any artist serious about their craft to look into getting a opportunity to join this tour. Then there is the after the tour stage which is were we are now at this time.

When I got off of tour I remember speaking with a well known hip hop publicist who gave me the advice to put out a compilation type project compiled of a mixture of my old songs with some new songs and use it to reintroduce myself. This was one of the 1st songs i completed after that conversation and the acronym FULMF’S is fully explained in this track. I had a video for it too check it out below…

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