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It's Just Rap

JC Seals III is a hip hop musician known for his lyrics that tells a vivid story every time he touches the mic.  JC separates himself from others rappers with his verses. His motto is "I make songs that make sense." and this is why JC is quickly becoming a more common name in the rap world.

JC created the Its Just Rap series which consists of 6 projects all available for download here.

JC also created the Its Just Rap Show which is a showcase for musicians of all genres. The show gives these artist a chance to present their art in front of a music loving crowd. From this show he has created  the Annual Its Just Rap Fest which is going on its 4th year...


JC Seals III Live

Get your tickets to see JC perform:

Jan. 11th, 2019     -     Houston,Tx

Jan. 19th, 2019     -     New York,Ny